Jon is an Entrepreneurial Leader and 1 of 5 Expert Value Speakers for GAF. He has built several successful companies but not without a fight! Through his own adversity, He has developed leadership training programs to help others become the BEST version of themselves from a full circle approach of mind, body, and productivity. His passion is the “Growth Mindset”, constantly working to improve his life and those around him.

Jon began his expedition as the Director of Marketing for a Developer in the St. Louis area. While he was starting off fresh in his career, he noticed there were “successful” contractors working near by, and that’s when he asked himself “HOW DO I GET THAT?” After connecting with a few of the contractors, he set out to learn all that he could. Shortly after, Jon worked his first weekend and to his surprise, quickly fell in love with sales and contracting.

At 22 years old, Jon quit his marketing position and set out to build his first company. At a young age, he knew that he was ‘geared to be an entrepreneur’ he just didn’t know what was required to get there. Over the next few years, he went through a lot of trial, errors, and adversity. He started seeing profit, and with his wife began to truly GROW his contracting business.

When 2009 hit, he was faced with the major challenge of having a company survive during a recession. He began to fall out of place in his life and was struggling mentally, physically, in his marriage and personal relationships.

Jon started to reflect, looking into himself and realized he had forgotten why he started.

That is when he realized his business was to IMPACT others and the success was merely a bi-product of hard work and constant self improvement. In pursuit of helping others, Jon began mentoring professionals and teaching them the superior sales methods that he mastered as a contractor. Since, Jon has dedicated his life’s work to developing, training, and simply bettering everyone around him.

Jon’s techniques have helped HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs get away from inefficient sales practices, such as door knocking and cold calling, and has proven to increase revenue and gain long lasting clients.