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Know your strengths; focus on what you’re good at. You don’t need to wait to get permission. Find a system that works and stick with it; if you change it up too often, your team will begin to not trust you. Focus on the right things so that you won’t need to course correct as often; that way your team will feel safer.

As a solo entrepreneur systems and technology are very helpful; you need to collapse time in order to get the most done. No one wants to do redundant work. If there is something you don’t want to do or spend too much time doing it; find someone or something to do it for you. Pull ideas from all over and expand your knowledge base. You need systems for everything. People will try to find the best “multi tool”; it can do a lot of things, but it’s not good at any of them. Hire the professionals that are experts at each different part of the multi tool. Problems are created when someone with a core strength is doing a bunch of different things. Know what will help you do things faster and easier; find the best thing in every category.